FML Travelling Dog Water Bottle for Drinking Outdoors 450ml


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  • Brand Name: FML PET
  • Volume: 450ML
  • Color: Pink/ Green/ Blue
  • Material: Plastic

    This robust plastic water bottle is great for an adventure you and your dog might have outdoors. Water is especially important for dogs, as they rely on it to cool down. This handy and compact water bottle comes with a specially adapted lid, which when open, allows the dog to drink water as if from a bowl. With three different colours to choose from, you can select something that suits your dog’s personality. This bottle is made from high-grade plastic that is resistant to wear and tear. It includes a button to allow for the flow of water. It also comes with tight silicone sealing, ensuring that no leaks will be had. Additionally, a handy string is attached could easily be attached to a bag making it the most portable dog bowl you could think of.

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