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What we’re all about…

Canine Cuddles started in Lichfield, Staffordshire. We pride ourselves on unparalleled customer service, both for the human, and the dogs we walk. All of our staff are local, friendly and trustworthy. To back up this claim, we ensure that everybody we take on has a full CRB check Not only that, but we ensure that everybody has the correct training. One other very important criteria are that they must love dogs! (obviously!).

Our comprehensive insurance covers from any unavoidable knocks and bumps that might happen along the way, as well as emergency vet care if we ever need it. This is so you can rest easy, knowing that your pooch is in good hands.

All of our dog walkers have many years of experience with a range of different dogs. From small puppies to giant herding dogs, there’s nothing that we haven’t come across before. Whether you’re on the fence about getting a dog walker, you can rest assured, that with Canine Cuddles, you’re only getting the best.



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